Trophy Hunting - Scotland
Trophy Hunting

Ban Trophy Hunting in Scotland

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This October, a group of “professional” Trophy Hunters on a package hunting tour spent a month stalking wildlife on the Scottish island Islay. Photos of the tourists smiling and posing with the corpses of beautiful Wild Goats, Black Tams and Stags were then advertised on Twitter, sparking outrage up and down the country. Killing animals for trophies is brutal, inhumane, and flagrantly unnecessary. It should be banned in Scotland immediately.

These people boasted of hunting a wild goat for two days and shooting it dead from 200 yards. Slaughtering defenceless wild animals with high tech weapons for the sake of a few likes on social media is entirely at odds with the values of Scottish people. It disturbs an ecosystem, and enforces human dominance on species that have coexisted symbiotically with locals for centuries.

Read more and sign the petition here

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