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We all watch the news and shake her heads with sadness and frustration at the horrors of the world. how can this happen in this day and age, we ask ourselves. Why doesn’t somebody do something about it, we say.

We should all be asking ourselves why we aren’t doing something about it. 

That’s why I began this blog. I sign a lot of petitions, write a lot of letters, join a lot of campaigns. I can’t sit back and see these things happening without doing something, anything at all, to try and help.

And yes, a world leader or CEO could ignore an email or a letter that I send. But what if a thousand individuals wrote a letter, or a hundred thousand? Could they ignore 100,000 letters on his doorstep? Every one of those people is an individual who decided to do something, so don’t ever doubt that one person CAN make a difference.

So this is my blog, where I will share the actions that I take, and hopefully encourage others to do the same. Every little ripple we make will eventually cause a huge wave of change, so keep making ripples.

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